Monthly Programs - September 8, 2009

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Sept 8, 2009 Speaker - Jim Matheson, Flagship Ventures

Sept 8, 2009 Case - Catalyzed Combustion Technologies, Inc.

Sept 8, 2009 Elevator Pitch - Chad Joshi, Atropha, LLC

Sept 8, 2009 Elevator Pitch - Jennifer Caron, MAc, Body Therapeutics


Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Campus Center - Odeum 

Jim Matheson

Making Green in Green Tech

There can be a green lining in green technology, but you may have to overcome obstacles to find it. On September 8, 2009, Jim Matheson, General Partner with Flagship Ventures, will discuss the challenges in starting and building clean tech companies based on lessons learned from working with Flagship Ventures' many clean tech companies, as the keynote speaker for the WPI Venture Forum’s opening meeting for the 2009-10 season. Matheson will explore a handful of sustainability problems worth solving, how to optimize the chances of getting a project funded, strategies to create and realize value, and why business model decisions and regulations often matter more than technology

With Flagship Ventures since 2000, Matheson focuses on creating and funding new ventures in the sustainability, clean technology and special technologies, such as the nanotechnology, materials and software and system arenas. He brings to this task more than 20 years of technology and leadership experience across a variety of organizations and roles designing, engineering and deploying sophisticated technology platforms. He serves on many portfolio company boards, as well as the Center for Women & Enterprise, and is actively involved in numerous entrepreneurial and venture capital organizations.

A former Navy F-14 & FA-18 pilot, Matheson flew combat missions from an aircraft carrier, and served as a TOPGUN Instructor and Adversary Pilot. He gained broad experience in emerging aircraft & weapons system design, testing and procurement, and was deeply involved in many of the military’s IT modernization initiatives. Matheson earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, a Bachelor of Science (with honors) from the United States Naval Academy and retired as a Commander in the US Naval Reserves.

Dr. Brian Ahern

Case presentation:

Catalyzed Combustion Technologies (CCT)

Catalyzed Combustion Technologies (CCT) has developed a patented and proprietary combustion technology for all combustion systems, including commercial and industrial boilers and stationary and mobile diesel engines. The technology improves fuel efficiency by 20 percent and significantly reduces emissions, including particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.

Since fossil fuel supplies 85 percent of the primary energy consumed in the United States and is responsible for nearly all carbon dioxide emissions, this green technology has great potential for reducing the carbon footprint and operation costs. The combustion enhancements arise from increasing reactivity of electrified air to catalyze combustion reactions and complete the process faster and at lower temperatures.

Curtis Firestone

CCT co-founders Dr. Brian Ahern and Curtis Firestone will explain why making fossil fuel systems more efficient through positive ROI solutions for customers is one of the most effective ways to improve the environment. After their presentation, panelists will respond to their questions on finalizing a go-to-market strategy, advice on selecting manufacturing and supplier partners and securing financing in this economic climate.

An expert in combustion theory and practice, Ahern is CCT’s CTO and technology inventor. He received his PhD in material science from MIT, holds 26 patents and was a senior scientist for 17 years in research and development at USAF Rome Lab at Hanscom Air Force Base. CEO Firestone has 20 years of domestic, international and business development and operational experience in start-up ventures. He has worked extensively in Latin America, Asia, and Europe in the technology and media industries. Firestone earned a BA from Brown University, and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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