The WPI Venture Forum Business Plan Contest is open to technology-based, pre-start, startup, and on-going businesses located in the Northeast. Students are eligible. The venture must involve the development of a new product, a new application, or process in an existing business or the start-up of a new technology-based business.

Upon receipt of application and accompanying executive summary, applicants that meet the criteria compete through one rounds of judging – First Round Screening presentations. Those advancing beyond the first round are eligible for coaching and mentoring.


Competition opens Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Entry deadline is Tuesday, May 7, 2013
First-Round presentations Saturday, May 18, 2013
Finalists announced Monday, May 20, 2013
Executive summaries due Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - Applications are submitted online; please fill in and submit via contest application. Please email the executive summary to ginabetti @ gmail . com and call +1-508-831-5761 for payment if paying by credit card.

First-Round Presentations

We provide a projection system and laptops with the most current version of Microsoft Office software. Presenters will receive an email indicating the presentation time. Times and dates cannot be changed once set. This round is not open to the public.

Each first-round team will have fifteen minutes to make a presentation to a group of judges in the format of their choice. We do not provide a template for presentations. Prototypes in any stage of completion are heartily welcomed. Judges will have fifteen minutes to ask questions. To learn more about the competitive scoring that will be used to rank each presentation, please see the Ranking Criteria [PDF]. Please check for updated versions as the ranking criteria may change before the judging takes place. Full business plans are not submitted for First Round competition.

Saturday, May 18, 2013 - 8:30 A.M. TO 12:00 P.M.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Campus Center, Odeum - top floor.

Attire: Business casual

Parking: Park on street or in WPI's new parking garage on Park Avenue. There is a huge event that day and parkng will be a challenge, please plan accordingly. 

Food: Morning coffee and muffins. On-premise food court and Dunkin Donuts will be open.

AV: We advise against setting up your Mac computers as it will eat into your presentation time.

Photo: We will take your photo.

Payment: If you have not paid, please bring a $50 check or your credit card to the registration table.

Business card: please provide two at check-in.

Marketing blurb: Please bring a one paragraph marketing blurb for our web site to the registration table on a CD or flash drive.

Please provide your cell number in advance to: ginabetti (at)

Web site: We will attempt to post presenters on our web site with the team photo we take. At some point before or after this event (May 18), please email a one paragraph description in which you state the $ funding sought, web site URL, and contact information (name, phone, and/or email).

Final Presentations

Finalists will be notified by email when they need to submit a full business plan. Finalists will present to a panel of judges and the WPI Venture Forum audience at the WPI Venture Forum Business Plan Competition final round on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 in the WPI Campus Center Odeum between 6:00-9:00 PM. Finalist presentations are public. The winner will be announced at the program conclusion.


Finalists are provided mentoring by qualified professionals and experienced entrepreneurs.


Judging occurs over the first round and a final round. All qualified entrants will be judged in the first round and can expect feedback from the judges personal comments and questions. Presentation details will be provided in ample time prior to each event. The final round winning team will be the venture that the judges feel has the best chance for success. Judges decisions are final. This is supposed to be a valuable learning experience for applicants.


Score sheet 

The Prize

The winning business receives a prize comprising cash and professional business services donated by the sponsors. We are currently in fundraising mode, but have raised $25,000 in cash and in-kind.

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