Business Plan Contest

Instructions and deadlines for the 2013 Venture Forum Business Plan Contest are available by clicking on the Instructions link in the left menu.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact the office at 508-831-5761.

Pedro Santos, (CEO of OsComp), Mike Travis (Travis & Co. and contest co-program moderator), Carl Berke, PhD (judge, Angel Healthcare Investors LLC), Bill Frezza (judge, Adams Capital Management), Eric Schultz (judge, Ascent Venture Partners), Peter Glick (judge, Ampersand), Emmanuel Magani (OsComp team), David Thibodeau, Esq. (contest co-program moderator, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds)

Information about the 2010 winner, Oscomp, can be found in the Previous winners link by clicking on 2010

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